Sunday, May 11, 2003

11 May 2003 Barcelona

Until now the trip has been unmarred by any sour note. Unfortunately today all that changed. After nearly 3 weeks together Merilyn finally showed her true colours!

Not only was she rude and obnoxious over dinner but she accused me of being overbearing, self centred and with no directional skills whatsoever!

When I tried to defend myself she wouldn´t listen, talked over me and, as a definative gesture, threw a glass of wine over me. Well that did it! I couldn´t help myself and, I am ashamed to say, I slapped her across the face. I then proceeded to set the record straight. Who hadn´t contributed a cent to paying for the accommodation, who had used my towel from the word go, who had stolen my tampons?

We have been friends for 10 years, best of friends for 5. I was hurt. She and she alone knew what I had been through over the past 2 years and yet, with this knowledge, she could do this to me? It seemed that somewhere part of her resented my youth, my beauty, my popularity....

All of a sudden she ripped open her shirt with a cry of ´Let´s settle this the old fashioned Scottish way´ and challenged me to wrestle her. Here! In a public restaurant! I was flabberghasted (not least by the awful Scottish accent which sounded vaguely Indian). In the end I couldn´t resist the challenge. ´All right´ I cried ripping off my own shirt ´I reckon I can take you and double it!´

Needless to say after this exchange we have both been ordered to leave the country. I will head to the tourist crowds in Vienna and try and find anonymity there, She is heading to the United Kingdom and a safehouse just outside of Leeds.

I don´t know if our paths shall cross again. Perhaps this is a good thing. I must confess I have been struggling to know if it´s all about her or all about me. Now I know.

*NB Scenes, people and places in the above entry may well have been amended to protect the innocent. In fact the content may include suggestions and actions which in actual fact are purely ficticious.


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