Thursday, May 22, 2003

21st May 2003 Durness, Scotland

There were about 8 or 10 people standing around the jetty at Cape Wrath when I pulled up. Assuming they were waiting for the ferry across I joined them. Halfway across the Kyle of Durness someone said something that made me realise I had just gate crashed my way into a private booking for a guided walking tour of the Cape. It sounded good to me so I grabbed the ranger who seemed in charge and asked if I could tag along. He asked if I had food and water.... 'of course'. Well half a bottle of water and a banana.... that would do!

The walk followed the coast from the Cape Wrath Lighthouse to a beach and then back inland to the road where we were picked up by mini bus at 4pm. There was much bird spotting, and some plant life commentary along with some amazing views. At lunch Don, the ranger, took pity on me with my humble banana and shared his sandwiches. I was pretty happy about that!

Today I jumped on the boat at Kylesku wharf which tours Loch a Chairn Bhairn to see Britain's highest waterfall. We saw seals and all kinds of brown and black birds which seemed to get everyone very excited. The Captain, Wally, had a touch of the Irish and kept us entertained with wild stories and dreadful jokes! Halfway thru the trip he beckoned me to the front and invited me to steer! When I asked if we could go faster he told me he'd thought I had a wild look about me! He even let me bring the boat into the jetty.... although I must admit I did the job with an almighty bump.

Wally's stories of Haggis catching had whet my appetite so I hit the Kylesku Inn and ordered a Haggis for lunch. It was surprisingly yummy - so I was glad it had allowed itself to be caught!

Well I haved lingered here longer than I should have and less time than I would like to. Tomorrow I have a big day in the car. I'm planning to head back to Stirling for one night before hitting Edinburgh on Friday.


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