Friday, May 16, 2003

16 May 2003 New Lanark, Scotland

Well here I am, in Scotland. I picked up a hire car from the airport and after only one loop of Edinburgh managed to get on the right freeway heading to where I wanted to go! I really do have the directional capabilities of a newt!

I am in the mill town of New Lanark developed by a wealthy man in the 1800s who felt that mill workers could live in decent conditions and have an education... so he built this town to prove it. Philanthropy and profit.... clever man! It's a beautiful stone town nestled down in a green valley just minutes away from Lanark and about halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I am staying at a Youth Hostel, which is in one of the old buildings, and have a 4 bedroom dorm overlooking the river to myself. I explained that I had the snuffles and would drive room mates crazy with my coughing and snorting and spluttering... and so they kindly let me have a whole room to myself! This morning there is a very atmospheric Scottish mist floating around and so far no tourist buses. The hostel is very quiet at the moment so I am not even having to arm wrestle for access to the internet (tho it is exhorbitantly expensive to use by the hour - I guess I am saving my money on the price of accommodation).

I am planning to spend the day wandering through the town, museum and along the river before another early night. By tomorrow this silly cold WILL be gone and I'll start to head in the direction of the Highlands. I might even spend a night in a castle!

I have sadly had to cut out a visit to Andrew's in-laws (my Scottish mum and dad) for fear of making them sick (like I did last time I was in Scotland!) But I will see them in London Saturday week.


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