Monday, May 19, 2003

19 May 2003 Loch Ness, Scotland

"There is a spaciousness, an opening out into a place where love, loss, fear, trust, faith, doubt - disconnected fragments - can meet and point towards something beautiful"

Quote from the wall of the Iona Youth Hostel.

Having travelled at least 5 sides of about 3 different Lochs I findly found myself in Oban looking at a ferry wharf with a sign saying 'Ferries to Mull'.

'Why the Hell not?" thought I and so found myself, sometime later, having caught another ferry, walking up a path past the Iona Abbey and Cathedral, to the Iona Youth Hostel.

In a search for some sense of spirituality I dropped into the church for the morning service. I'm still searching. The buildings are however, simply lovely, and there is a sense of peace which pervades the entire tiny island.

From Iona I have come to Lewiston on the shores of Loch Ness. Wending through Glencoe this afternoon I followed the valley between stark and soaring mountain peaks. Streams and waterfalls dropped from enormous height, and the Scottish mist drifted in. From Fort William and skirting the shores of Lochs, trees creating green tunnels over the road and the steady swish of wet tires on black asphelt.

Tomorrow it's onward, towards Inverness then cutting back across to Ullapool... well that's the theory. I am sure I will manage manage detours before I find my way. I'm guessing intenet access may get a little difficult for a day or two.


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