Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I think I've decided that the story 'Sea Change' I've been working on is, in actual fact, utterly dreadful and should probably never see the light of day again. Still it's a relief to have decided this as now I can hopefully stop wasting time on it and move onto the next idea!

Payment for Clarion is due along with submission of a week 1 story for feedback if we have one. I had hoped to send 'Sea Change' - perhaps inspiration will hit in the next few days and I won't walk away from it!

Starting to get a little worried that I might not get everything finished at work in time for January 1. I've got a Marketing Plan to write and next year's budget to prepare... plus copious notes for Kathy... ah well it will just have to be finished!

Having a bath last night, and attempting to keep my notebook out of the tub, must see if Dad can make me a little platform to balance notepads / pens etc on. I'm sure I've seen something like this in some of those groovy home shops.


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