Monday, January 24, 2005

Here I am - sitting in my own room - connected to the internet! YAY!

A quick recap. We rounded off Ellen Datlow's week on Friday night with beer, pizza and a DVD on the big screen of 'The Incredibles'. Was a fine end to the week.

Saturday night we attended the Aurealis Awards. Some of last years Clarionites were in attendance, in fact some were even nominated as finalists! The awards were followed by a cocktail party, pancakes in town, and drinks on level 1 that went on into the small hours of the morning. I had too much to drink too early - less said about that the better probably. Moral to the story - a handful of sultanas does not a good base for drinking make!

Sunday was hot and quiet. Everyone was busy catching up on sleep or writing madly if they had stories due on Monday.

Week Four started today with Margo Lanagan as our tutor. Margo delivers a very well considered detailed critque and talked about language issues as well as characterisation, plot etc. Another very different flavour - but I think we'll do well.

Ellen was doing a panic this afternoon. She's due to hand in tomorrow. I offerred to swap her my spot (which is later in the week) as my story is fairly much finished. I'll probably need to wake up early - there's a couple of loose threads that I'm not really sure how to tie up - perhaps inspiration will be more with me after a night's sleep.

Everyone is starting to look pretty tired actually. Grabbed a kebab for lunch with Nathan today and had a good chat about writing and story stuff.... it's going to be weird going back to the real world and having to talk about the weather and whatever I normally talk about!


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