Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well Friday's critique went OK. It got mixed feedback from the rest of the class ... but Michael (tutor) was actually very positive about it. We went to the bar after class and over a glass of wine we talked through a few changes. He seemed to think that if I spent a bit more time on it that it would probably end up a fairly publishable piece. Which is cool.

We have Ellen Datlow (editor and best paying short story market in speculative fiction in the world) as tutor this week. She's very nice and helpful... but I think we've all stressed a bit because we all want to put a great story in front of her. I'm back in the hot seat tomorrow with 'The Crying Chair'. Not sure how it will go. I have mixed feelings on the piece myself.

Otherwise I'm stressing about next week's story. I'm playing with an idea but so far I'm not sure who's point of view I'm telling the story from, or in fact, what the climatic moment will be!

Feeling very tired at the moment. It's hard to coming up with a fresh idea each week.

Have been exchanging emails with Tash from school days who's flying into Australia from UK for a few weeks in early Feb. She's going to come up to Brisbane (from Byron) one evening so we can catch up for dinner - which is great. Was worried I might miss her.

Also check out http://www.antisf.com/stories/story01.htm I've got a new story up. YAY!


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