Saturday, January 29, 2005

After Margo left last night we had a bit of a floor party in Trevor's room. Lucky he was starting to feel better after 12 hours solid on the toilet!

We checked out the photos he's taken of Clarion so far and gossiped until late.

Of course I woke this morning remembering I hadn't finished my critiques for todays class. Went for a walk and a swim and came home for a solid hour critiquing before heading off to class. Being a Friday, and having been the guest of all of us last night, Margo was in feisty form. I was very glad I didn't have a story up today as she probably went harder on today's stories than she had the rest of the week.

This afternoon a nap, the gym and then at last minute, Margo to dinner again! A slight rush and we were all organised (though I did have to requistion a bottle of Ellen's champange!)

Around something pm Margo left and Ellen came home. I did a bottle shop run to replenish the champagne which Ellen and I then drank over a game of backgammon. She's a rank amateur and fell to my mighty skill... tho I'm guessing give her a week and it will become a much closer comptition.

Now it's to bed, a little tipsy, and with all sorts of plans about writing lots of my next story over the weekend!


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