Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Up early for a jog this morning... but so tired. My sleep pattern is still out. After I got back and had some breakfast I snuck back to bed for 45 minutes shut eye before class. Sadly the result was arriving in class glassy eyed and feeling like a parrot had slept in my mouth!

My story about a steam train was up today. Once again the group were largely kind to me with some good suggestions about how to strengthen different bits.... and also some comments that revealed that some of the story was in my head - not on the paper. Need to fix that one!

Then my one-on-one session with Margo Lanagan this afternoon followed by a brief nap and a quick session at the gym to try and wake myself up.

The one-on-one was good. We talked a bit about Young Adult Fiction - as that seems to be what some of the group are thinking I'm writing. I hadn't seen myself as a Young Adult writer... but hey I'll be anything so long as they pay me and put my name underneath the story title!

This evening most of the floor have gone ten pin bowling. I stayed at home to finish my critiques for tomorrow and start trying to piece together next week's story. At this stage next week's story (tentatively 'Muscle Memory') is in that stage where I hate it and I'm having to fight it into some kind of shape. By the weekend it will start coming together I'm sure.

This week has been tough emotionally - I'm missing home, and tired, and have probably let things get on top of me more than I normally would. Considered buying an air ticket to Cairns and flying away for the weekend... then thought about my budget and decided to just get over it! As lovely as it would be to spend a weekend with Gail and the kids hanging by the pool.

Next week am catching up with Natasha and Paul (school buddy and hubby) which will be wonderful.

But for now it's back to the critiques for tomorrow. Actually tomorrow's stories are all sad ones... I'm hoping someone hands in comedy for Friday!


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