Thursday, January 27, 2005

It was raining in Brisbane at 5.45am this morning. I considered lying in bed and pretending I'd slept in. Then I roused myself and went downstairs to meet Suzanne, my running buddy, hoping desparately that she'd have slept in so I'd have an excuse to go back to bed. She was up. We looked at the weather, we looked at each other, I did the Aussie "A little bit of water won't hurt". We drove to the gym!

Class today was the three sad stories. They were all really good (in my opinion) so it was kind of hard finding things to critique.

This afternoon was a nap and then the panic striken thought.... we hadn't got Margo (tutor) a thank you gift... and tomorrow is Friday! A quick confab with floor 2 and Nathan and I headed to the Mall (thank God for Thursday night shopping)! We got something and then had cake and coffee (or orange juice) before heading home. Nathan is a gorgeous man. I've adopted him as an honourary big brother.

Tonight we had Margo (tutor) for dinner. Instead of using the opportunity to pump her for information on publishing and tips on writing we largely exchanged smutty jokes and made dubious revelations about our sex lives... OK it's week four and we're all a little tired and silly!

Actually, having got a decent night's sleep last night am feeling much more like the usual bouncey Susan. Did have a couple of people comment that I seemed much better today than I had yesterday. It's a bitch being one of lifes happy people. When you're low... the difference is so great that everyone notices... if I was a quiet person you prolly wouldn't notice the difference.

Next week there is a special 'reading' night at some bookshop in town. They've offered a couple of us Clarion types the chance to read (3-5 minutes) if we want to support the main act, Ian Irvine. I've put my paw in the air. Thinking of reading 'Insomnia' which did OK for me at 'Magic Casement's Flash Fiction Competition last year. I may have a last minute change of mine however.

Anyway... good night sweet reader. As Scarlet O'Hara would say 'Tomorrow is another day'.


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