Monday, February 07, 2005

Scott Westerfeld is a clever man. He had lots of good comments and suggestions for the stories which were up for critique today.

He also chatted about structure and how to add complexity - asymetry of information is the key!

We are drawing close to getting the draft of our collaboration together. It will need a very tight edit to tidy it up, and also make it look like it's been written by the one person.

Three 5000 word plus stories tonight - so critiquing has chewed a fair portion of the afternoon / evening. I snuck in a swim (so damn hot!) but forgot my goggles so had to content myself with a ladylike breast stroke, head bobbing awkwardly above water. Realised that, despite my morning runs and the odd swim, the impact of lots of naughty eating while I've been away shows. I'll behave better for the rest of the week.

Level 1 has posted up a very funny interpretation of key critique phrases. It's very funny. I'll try and get hold of a copy and post it up. I also might chase our quotes. They include such gems as 'I usually don't mind a bit of swearing in a story, but this story had way too f***ing much of it' and 'We're all going to die, but before we do we'll fix this story' and many more. Most of which probably aren't funny unless you were sitting through the Crit Room session having only had four hours or less sleep!

Speaking of which didn't nod off until 2am last night. Was waltzing up and down the hallway at 1.30am moaning about how tired I was and how I couldn't get to sleep. Trevor pulls out a pack of sleeping pills. Top stuff! They were just some herbal thingy.... don't know if it was them, or the placebo effect but nodded off half an hour later. Not so great when the alarm went at 5.45am for a jog... but forced myself out for a good 40 minutes anyway.

Didn't nap this afternoon (saving myself for a big sleep tonight) and hopeful that the brain will switch off at the same time as the light.

Party level is increasing as people hand their last stories in. Nathan and I are hoping to finish the collaboration in sufficent time to have some kick back time, even tho the story isn't due until the last day. I think we'll do it. It's making good progress.


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