Friday, February 04, 2005

Fridays are both wonderful (Yay we get the afternoon off) and sad (boo we say goodbye to the tutor for the week).

Got up early for a run and then napped a little before class. I hadn't managed to get off to sleep until about 1.00am so the alarm going at 5.45am was unpleasant to say the least. Then, instead of trying to get an hours worth of work in before class I had a little nap - just to catch up.

Had lunch with some of the gang and Ian at one of the cafes. I ordered a salad and then ate Kenrick's chips.... well the intention was good.

Quiet afternoon. Late in the day went and played a 2 versus 2 match of basketball. My aim is dreadful, so I mostly chased whoever had the ball, threatening to bite their ankles. Was lots of fun. Afterwards Suzanne and I threw ourselves in the pool for a cool down then walked back to Campus (20 minute walk). It was a little dark on the bush path. Don't know that we would have walked it if we'd realised it was going to get dark so quickly.

This evening was pizza on level 1. The rest of the gang then headed to the common room for a dvd - I decided to pass and come back for a bit of work and an early night.

Driving to Sunshine Coast tomorrow to catch up with a friend, Amanda, her hubby and little baby Aku. I bought a baby thingy with mobile stuffs for the bub, and a smelly candle for Amanda. Will be nice to get away from this emotional melting pot!

Am both looking forward and dreading the end of the course. Will be nice to get back to real life. Will be horribly sad to leave all these wonderful people I've met and made friends with.

By the way this link should take you to a site with some Clarion South photos on it. Check it out!


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