Sunday, February 06, 2005

I'm sitting still, I've got a fan blowing air onto me from a distance of 60cm and I'm still damn sweating! While the sunburnt back might be contributing to the heat I'm generating I still think it's an injustice to sweat while sitting still.

Ahhh well, enough of my whining about the weather.

Escaped on Saturday afternoon to Maroochydore to catch up with Amanda, Aku and Teemu. Took two hours to get there. Went to the beach. Looked at the sun, looked at the waves, thought to myself 'If I got out there swimming I am soooo going to get sunburnt" retreated.

Went to the local pool which had large sail cloth things for shade. Swam laps. Sunburnt back. Prolly should have lived dangerously and swum at the beach! Not to worry - I'll get enough of that next week in Byron Bay.

Got back to the ranch, well Camp Clarion, around the middle of the day. Ate and sandwich and wrote a scene for the collaboration thingy. Not a bad scene either. Napped. Dinner with new tutor (Scott Westerfeld) then back to my room to try and bash out another scene. This scene is fighting (400 very dodgy words so far). Anyhoo I've given up for today. Going to head to bed and dream of cold climates, fresh autumn mornings and a world without sweat. That's if I can sleep of course...

Have written an 850 word flash fiction for hand in tomorrow morning. It's very light - and I'm actually a bit unsure about handing it in. Not sure what people can say about it. Not sure if it's fair to hand in such an unserious piece.... enough of this insecurity...

The collaboration is due in on Thursday - but we're hopeful of finishing a first draft sometime tomorrow. The rate the current scene is moving I'm thinking first draft by Monday night might be fantasy... hopefully I'll wake in the morning with it all laid out in my head.

Am contemplating escaping into town at some stage this week for a facial, massage and pampering... mmmm paying someone to rub soothing ungents into my body.... mmmmm. Yup that does it. Must be time for sleep.


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