Friday, February 11, 2005

Day Five, Week Six - Last Day

Last run, last load of washing, last lot of critiques, last story...

Yesterday evening went to a bookshop in Walls End. Scott Westerfeld did a reading and a couple of us Clarion types read. I read Insomnia which I wrote over 12 months ago. I don't know that it's what I'd write now - but then what I'm writing now presumably won't be the same as what (or how) I write next month or even in another 12 months.

Grabbed Indian takeaway with some of the level 2 gang and headed back to Camp Clarion for food and to finish critiques. A game of ping pong and 'Underworld' DVD. It has no plot... so that meant we could all just relax and make rude comments about it (and admire Kate Beckinsale in black rubber).

The collaborative story is up today. Wonder what people will think? Guess I'll know in a few hours.

Just think... I can go back to 8 hours sleep a night soon!

I've been having Clarion dreams. Where, like a movie, I'm dreaming a story. Just as I get to the bit when the crucial plot point, or twist is going to take place the dream goes all blurry and I can't work out what's happening. I want to know so I can write it all down. Then I start getting stressed because what will happen if I can't write this story... God it really is time to go home!


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