Monday, March 14, 2005

I work for local government and we've built a skate park for the young people of the area. Well to be more precise - we've paid someone else to build us a skate park for the area. For weeks it's been sitting behind construction fencing - complete to all intents and purposes. For weeks young people, and not so young people, from all over Sydney having been travelling to our suburb to check out Sydney's latest skate facility.

They don't care that its not open yet. They throw their boards over the fence and skate to their hearts content. When we ask them not to use it because it isn't finished (the safety railing was late arriving) they laugh. In fact the quote of the day is 'If you were in a starving African nation and you built a tower of chicken and then put a flimsy fence around it what do you think would happen?'

Hell I'm on their side. Take the damn fence down and let them have at it!


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