Friday, February 25, 2005

I've been sitting watching Bridget Jones Diary on TV, drinking a glass of white wine, wearing a bathrobe (even wearing the same damn necklace) and feeling WAY too much like life is imitating art!

I wasn't actually going to watch Bridget Jones... I was going to write... and I did... a whole sentence! It's a good sentence... but that sentence was followed by an absence of thought... so I allowed myself to be subverted by the evil TV.

Must work on the story tomorrow. Must also buy running shoes to replace those which disappeared on Tuesday night when my car got broken into. Pretty funny - they took my sports bag. I'd have liked to have seen their faces when they opened the bag and discovered that all it contained was sweaty sports gear from playing touch football at lunchtime! (I even scored a try!) Sad thing is now I have to replace said bag, sneakers, smelly underwear (hopefully with unsmelly - at least to start with), shorts and t-shirt.

And now - a political comment. (This, in itself is unusual, I usually refrain from any kind of political comment at all on the basic premis that all politicians are politicians and therefore more concerned with themselves than they are the good of the country. ) Tony Abbott has really raised my ire this week with his touching television interviews about how delighted he is to have discovered the child he fathered as a young man and who was adopted out. How dare he use his child (at the expense of child, natural mother and extended family) to further his anti-abortion debate. How dare he expose them to the glare of the media. It's none of our business what he did when he was a teenager. Apparently the Bulletin was onto the story before it broke - so I guess it was going to be news anyway. A normal person might have declined to comment. Or issued a joint statement in conjunction with child and mother... and any other family who might be affected by it all. Grrr anyway it's got me passionate. I'm in a mood for writing letters (but I won't cos I'm actually rather lazy at heart) and ranting (except there's no-one to hear) so I thought I'd do a blog inspired ramble!

Why are men making decisions about women's bodies again! Haven't we travelled this route before? How many more women need to die before the male politicians work out it's none of their damn business!

Ok.... rant off.

Sleep tight dear friends.


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