Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why do I drink? It's 9am and I'm about to go meet Random and Pete for climbing... and I've got a hangover. Not a shocking one... but nonetheless. What, at 7pm last night, made me think 'Yeah, climbing at 9.30am would be cool'.

So here I am.

Caught up with Chris, Zoe and Random for dinner. Random dropped me to Glebe, caught up with Clarion gang. Went into town, more catching up with Clarion gang (and Sean Williams). Possibly between catching up I had a few too many wines. I really don't want to climb. I want to go back to bed.

Must climb.

Must shop. Have invited the Emma and the Ellen for dinner on Tuesday night. Must put food in the house. They don't want my chicken curry... damnit! Trevor has ruined my curries by being sick at Clarion after eating one. I wasn't sick. It's not my fault.

The Tess came from Melbourne and Alison and Trevor from Canberra last night. So cool.


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