Sunday, April 03, 2005

It was always my plan to spend March rewriting the 5 Clarion stories I planned to keep and then launch into production of something a big longer commencing 1 April! In fact I got so keen about my writing that I decided that I should aim for 5,000 words a week. I have revised the 5,000 words a week to anyway in the general vicinity of 2,500 (accepting that this will usually be less - but it's good to have goals).

So it's Sunday now - well I got a head start at the beginning of the week due to Easter and a day off on Tuesday and I can possibley boast approx. 1,000 new words and a couple of hundred words as parts of rewrites.... and I thought I had a reasonably good week at it!

Anyway I have a little package of 3 stories to send off to Terry Dowling (writing mentor) and the beginnings of a short story for Thorbies writing group (if I can get it finished in time). I've also written the words 'Chapter One' in the middle of a page and put some words after it - woo hoo!

On Friday night I saw 'Hitch' with TG. It's a no brainer, lots of cliches... but I enjoyed it. I laughed, I groaned and I was happy at the end when the boy and the girl got together (though there was this one scene where the chick is supposedly drunk and carrying on - and I thought the acting was appalling).

Also over the weekend I've read 'Blue Diary' by Alice Hoffman. The premise is a man, happily married for 13 years and upstanding member of his local community, is found to have raped and murdered a young girl just over 13 years ago. The story is really about how his arrest and the revelation of the fact that he commited this terrible crime affects those around him; his wife, son, son's best friend and her family and wife's best friend. The emotions are tangible and real and I couldn't help but get dragged into the story. But then I have been a bit of an Alice Hoffman fan since I read her novel 'The River King'.

Another week bites the dust!


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