Thursday, May 12, 2005

My libido seems to have taken a holiday. I like to imagine it lying on a beach somewhere, enjoying the sun, perhaps doing a bit of snorkelling and enjoying a good book. Actually it's probably better off in that undisclosed holiday location. Let's face it.... if I did have an active libido at the moment it would hardly be getting opportunities to exert its power. Between new job, house hunting, writing attempts and life in general... the libido is definately not the primary focus.

I could at this point admit to envy. Those ex's (yes more than one) who are reporting back success in sexuality via the internet is rather interesting. Perhaps I should sign up? Something rebels - besides with friend libido sunning itself - who the hell cares if I don't go dating with strangers.

I could launch into an extended rant at this point. Talk about the decline of society when an not unintelligent, occasionally attractive thirty plus year old finds herself incapable of finding single man (of similar intelligence, appearance and interests) without resorting to the internet. But I'm not sure I care enough. For some reason the single bed, and my beloved Ted Bear, are sufficient unto the need.... at least until next week when the libido decides to get on a plane and come home!


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