Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I went to Steel, Iron and Steam Ships conference over the weekend with my dad. It was put on by the Maritime Museum and had 3 sessions on Friday night and 7 or 8 on Saturday.

Dad and I quickly discovered that we didn't fit into the three major groups that were present; the mad deep divers, the historians and the Navy.

There were sessions on lost submarines (namely AE1 and AE2, not to mention one from the late 1800s discovered rotting in Panama), talk about the Monitor (US Ironclad of the civil war), the Birchgrove Park and a number of other Australian wrecks. Not to mention some fabulous footage from a group called Sydney Project who go out and dive to 100 odd metres just to dive lost wrecks. So far they've had some fabulous successes in getting onto and identifying some wrecks that had been lost since they sunk (dating from late 1800's to mid 1900s).

The last few nights my sleep has been disturbed by dreams of rusted hulks appearing out of the depths, the flicker of light through water and the hiss and crackle of the underwater world.


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