Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I found out this week that a story of mine has been included in the recommended reading list in 'The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, Two'.

You could go to if you wanted to check it out. Shane Cummings (CS05 buddy) has a story on the reading list as does Chris Barnes (fellow Thorbite). I was absolutely chuffed to get a mention.

Rju (also CS05) has a story re-published - so he's a bit of star! Well done Rju.

Also from a recent Outcast review by Lee Battersby

Susan Wardle’s “Things of Beauty” is a marked improvement (on the previous story): a fantasy tale of Fagin-like dimensions that attempts a moral underpinning to its cast of misbegotten street urchins. Like Fagin and The Artful Dodger, the lead characters are sympathetic and even likeable, especially when drawn against the shadowy and repressive society through which they slide and skulk. Like many stories in the collection I felt the ending trailed away slightly into simple wish fulfilment, but this was an engaging and sprightly story with a backdrop that deserves revisiting.


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What a great review!

Nice work!!


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