Friday, April 28, 2006

On writer angst....

What happens when you write the best story you can and it's still not good enough? Maybe you get it published and the reviewer doesn't like it, or you send it out to countless markets just to get it back as a reject.

At what point do you admit to yourself that it's not them, it's you? That you just really are crap.

Ok... got that out of my system. Back on with the show.


Blogger Suzanne said...

Never admit defeat.

When the story has been gone awhile, read it over before you send it out again. You can usually find a few places to smooth over. Or maybe a new angle will pop into your head while you read it.

One of my stories, which shall remain nameless to protect its innocence, is now out at its 14th market after 13 rejects. I think I first wrote it in 2002 but I can't be sure.

My point: keep subbing them. One day they will find a home. And each time you revise them a bit, they get better.

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