Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A 5 month rejection yesterday. It's my train story from CS05 - so need to work out what to do with it next.

Felt very virtuous yesterday. Got home, did a run, had dinner, did 100 words.

It's my monthly writers group this Sunday - and I don't have anything to submit. Last month I toyed with putting up the first chapter or two of my novel - but I feel a little uncomfortable about doing that as I am constantly making small changes at the front end to work in with plot developments at the back end.

Maybe I just take my gorgeous self.

I had started a sort of flash idea - but it kind of faded to nothing - so I scrapped it.

Currently only 2 stories in circulation.


Blogger Suzanne said...

Good on you, writing another 100 words. It's easy to get on paper. Some nights I'm tired and I don't really want to write, but I've made this commitment, so I write those 100 words.

I ran today too! For the first time in a while.

4:36 AM  

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