Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back from a long weekend in Canberra attending Conflux. Hmm what to report?

Arrived Friday night and met up with peoples in the bar at the hotel lateish. Possibly not a good idea - Saturday morning I felt like something the cat had vomited up. Made it to a session on world building. While there were some interesting panellists lined up I felt the discussion suffered from not enough structure. I think I'd have liked a bit more of the science vs cultural world building arguement.

After that Datlow interviewed by Dann. Then a book launch and announcement of Horror Awards at that point I had lunch and snuck home for a much needed nap.

Saturday night dinner and a reasonably early night to bed.

Sunday a panel on publishing - which was pretty good. I then tried to hook into one on different cultures (I can't actually remember what it was called). Whie there were some interesting people on the panel - it didn't feel like any new information was going to come out of it for me so I left early.

I think cons suffer a little from the trying to cater to the new person who hasn't been to a con before - and also those who have attended a number of cons and heard many of the same panel topics previously. I'd like to see a more academic stream. People delivering papers on meaty topics. More structure to panels (and less panellists) and better audio.

I did really enjoy the live hook up with Ray Bradbury - who sounded like a pretty cool dude.

Of course the main attraction of any Con is the catching up with friends, meeting new people who share the same passion and talking about books, writing and other such stuff.

Sunday night I went back out there and consumed to much alcohol again.

Those of you that know me will be aware I like a drink. At different points over the years I have liked too many drinks too often. This worries me. I say stupid things after a few drinks, (oh yes - three drinks and I start thinking I'm a bit special and often I have a desire to tell everyone around me all about how special and great I really am), there's also the whole don't feel well, eat bad food, don't do exercise the next day bit. Not to mention brain hurting so no writing.

So here it is. Since about March (the birthday month) I've been drinking more than I should more often than I feel comfortable about. So I'm going to do a go dry month. Yup that's it. If I fail and have a drink my punishment shall be a donation to charity. For every standard drink I must donate $10. I know it doesn't sound like a lot - but I'm a girl on a mortgage it's plenty I tell you. I make one tiny exception to this. 2 drinks allowed for Luke's birthday.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I'm proud of you, Susan, for taking this step. I know you can do it.

I'm in your corner, cheering for you.

9:35 PM  

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