Saturday, August 06, 2005

I've snuck home to Willoughby. Yup - houseminding on the upper north shore isn't all it's cracked up to be. Big house (which makes scary noises at night time), cold house (I've taken to going to bed very early cos it's the only place I actually feel warm), crazy cats, and empty cupboards (not even a bottle of soy sauce).

On the plus side I've snuck back to Willoughby in the sporty red car - which once I worked out how to change gear and what side the indicator button was one - was very cool.

Started the morning with a cafe and newspaper session - which then rolled into a bit of a pen to paper thingy. Planning to stick with the pen to paper bit. Need lots of new words to make up for a very disrupted writing week (the house minding computer is very noisy - so much so that I can't think when it's on).

Am critiqueing a collaboration written by a few friends, trying to tidy up a flash that I seem to have been working on for the last month, as well as trying to put a few thousand of novel type words on paper. Instead I'm blogging.

Chatswood and shopping tempts also - new jeans, underwear and make-up required (not to mention soy sauce!)


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