Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From a review on www.asif by Nicole Murphy of Fables and Reflections Issue 8:

The first story is “The Crying Chair” by Susan Wardle, and it’s a great start. Tabitha finds a chair at a garage sale, and the chair is crying. Tabitha takes pity on the chair and takes it home, and the chair becomes very loyal to Tabitha. So loyal, that when she starts to develop an attachment to her friend Paul, the chair goes out of its way to split them up. It’s a very sweet idea, and a very sweet story. Despite being an inanimate object, the chair does take on a personality of its own, and you react to it as you would any other character: you laugh, you cry, you grind your teeth in frustration.

Also I have a shiny new laptop computer which I'm sure will help me be a better and more prolific writer!


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