Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Am feeling rather tired. The weekend of writing was great - but got the mental juices going - which means sleep has been had to come by the last few nights. I turn out the light and ideas pop in out of nowhere. Next thing I know the light is back on and I'm scribbling ideas on the back of an envelope!

Laid 1,000 new words down last night on a new(ish) short story. Being a little stumped in the novel effort I've taken Terry D's advice and am writing a couple of short stories based around the same world, using the same characters (or perifery characters). It's actually a really good idea - I'm not feeling guilty about not working on the novel - and I think the story I'm working on will stand comfortably on its own.

Am feverishly keen to get home and bury myself in it again. It's going onto the page quicker than some do.


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