Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm feeling a little more positive about things this week. The result, I think, of getting my cannibal pirate shipwreck story back into circulation, finishing a rewrite on 'Conscription' (awaiting some feedback), starting to think about changes on the train story (short version) and a few words (which might come to nothing) on a different theme.

With a bit of luck I might even get 'Conscription' into circulation in the next week - which I think would bring my list of circulating stories to 6. I'm just not sure what the right market for it is.

I'm heading off to Grafton on the weekend to catch up with a friend - I'm planning to take my novel manuscript and spend my time on airoplanes and at airports profitably.

I also started my Christmas shopping. Three presents bought. I really must do the rest before the queues start. I hate queues. (Actually I'm not that mad on Christmas either... but I pretend for the sake of others)


Blogger Linta said...

I sometimes wonder if everyone, everywhere is not that keen on Christmas, and is pretending for the sake of others.

What would happen if everyone just stopped? Just let the religious folk go to church, to celebrate the birth of Christ etc (even though it's the wrong day - come on, it says very clearly in the Bible he was born at Passover, which is, hello, in March/April near Easter.)

12:28 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

I'm prepared to let the religious folk have at it... but can I keep the public holidays? Or is that cheating?

7:18 AM  

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