Wednesday, November 09, 2005

There's always a sense of satisfaction when you hit the send button (or drop an envelope in the mail) that releases a new story in the direction of an editor.

I've just sent a 750 word piece of nastiness (and I don't usually specialise in nasty) off. A couple of my Clarion buddies were kind enough to bounce me some feedback over the last few days - suggestions which I think have helped the story. Is it any good? I don't know - as Kim Wilkins would put it - today I'm a God. Bouyed up with the adrenalin of creation. By tomorrow I'll have decided it's a miserable little piece of prose and I can't write - I'll have gone from God to sod.

Lovely dinner out last night with some Thorbies types. Much 'in-house' talk. I felt terribly sorry for the couple who weren't writers.

Now the next project is the rework of something I wrote earlier in the year which didn't quite come together. I think I've worked out how to fix it.


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