Monday, November 07, 2005

I worry about trees. The art of writing and the act of tree killing are closely related. I write on paper using a pen. Then I sit at a computer and type away. When typing is done I hit the print button and then edit on paper.

I try to recycle but let's be honest I am a cold blooded killer.

I'm environmental in other ways. I have short showers and put my plastic and glass into the right bin. I don't pour oil down the drain and I own a small economical car. At the fish shop I never order flake or hake or any of those other ones that might be shark and I have never been whaling. True I don't own a worm farm - but that's because I sympathise with the worms. Under my tender care I suspect they'd go the same way as all the pot plants on the balcony have gone.

In other exciting news Margo Lanagan has won two World Fantasy Awards. Is this the first Australian to be so honoured? If you haven't read her 'Black Juice' yet you should race out and buy it now.

AND I think I've worked out the missing subplot for a short story I wrote a while back. Now all I need to do is kill a few more trees and get it out of my head and down in cold hard print.


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