Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm back a day early from my retreat down the coast. My visions of early morning kayaks before settling down to a morning of writing followed by an afternoon visit to the beach vanished as mist enclosed the Basin house and the rain came tumbling down.

By yesterday I was suffering intense cabin fever, marked by much pacing and many heavy sighs.

This morning when work rang I lept on the chance and packed my worldly goods for the drive back to town.

I did get words on paper. I did spend much time contemplating how the hell I was going to finish my novel (in terms of plot and logical holes in what I had been planning).

Actually - in a writing unrelated incident - I left my ATM card (which is also my VISA card) at home. This lead to an interesting moment of panic in Kmart Nowra when I reached for my wallet. It took me 24 hours to work out I could just walk into any branch of my bank, show them ID and withdraw money. For a while 4 days of tinned soup and toast were looking like my holiday eating!


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